Role: Concept / Design / Animation
Branding video / 1920' x 1080' / 0''15
Taiwan Design Expo is one of the largest annual design exhibitions in Taiwan. Executed by TDRI, the Expo collaborates with different municipal governments every year through call for submissions with a target in local lifestyle, culture, and unique industrial features, the Expo presents the present and future of local design and industries through exhibitions and diverse activities, hoping to explore domestic and international issues of design and industries by curating thematic exhibitions.
The 2023 Taiwan Design Expo in New Taipei City uses the symbol "○" as the recurring image of this city. "○" embodies the concept of "circle". It represents the circular cityscape of New Taipei City, the culture in Taiwan. Anything that is circular and related to Taiwan.

The theme closely revolves around the image of "○" and explores its diverse forms and definitions in New Taipei City. I combine typography, images that are circular and graphic shapes to make this video that represent landscape, folklore, industries, arts, life, and aesthetic of Taipei. The purpose is to reconstruct this city through arts and designs and showcase its personality.


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