Role: Concept / 3D Modeling / Typography Design
Dimension: 1920' x 1080' / 0'40 / 2022

This is a group project with Jessica Liou and Nicole Lin. It's a redesigned opening title sequence of a Taiwanese telenova called "Rose N' Siren Eyes". The show is mainly about a series of love trauma including cheating and killing, on the air Oct.1999 to Dec.2004.


Rose N’ siren eyes is a show designed around the love entanglement happening between men and women. Our objective is to portray the love of women with a haunted wedding since it is the final modality of love. The wedding will be immersed in a spooky, haunted atmosphere to keep up with the feeling of obsession and struggle in love.
The tone of the title sequence will be dark and eerie. Visual elements like an eye rose, joss paper(spirit money), red lines, and divination blocks will be used to symbolize a traditional and horrifying Taiwanese wedding, at the same time conveying the show’s genre.
Logo Reference
Logo Design
I used procreate to write the Chinese type and flower petal. Then added some grunge texture in photoshop.

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