Role: Concept / Design / Animation
1920' x 1080' / 0'35 / 2022​​​​​​​
Taipei illustration fair is an annual illustration art exhibition held in Taipei, Taiwan. It creates a main theme each year and invites a total of 100 local and foreign artists to show their work. The core value of this event is to bring together outstanding illustrators to share the benefits of illustration and promote the industry.
Concept - City Memoir
"Let illustration be more than just illustration." Through illustration, people express their true self and tell their own story. In this year's theme, creators will illustrate their own impression or stories about Taipei. Through different exhibition areas, we see different aspects of Taipei. I imagine taking the Taipei metro through this illustration fair journey. Also, I used split screen to represent the windows of Taipei metro.
I used different colors and places that could represent local culture to show the diversity of Taipei. It was the biggest challenge of this project. 

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